For premier self defence training then contact Premier Self Defence

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--If you’ve ever fallen victim to an assault or mugging, you’ll without question, understand the violation and loss of confidence automatically associated with such an experience. After enduring such trauma the effects can be profound, as a tide of inevitable questions saturates your mind.
Premier Self Defence is a leading London-based training school that provides all participants with practical self defence training and personal awareness. If you’ve either fallen victim of such a crime, or would simply like to undertake self defence training to boost your confidence Premier Self Defence can help.
Here at Premier Self Defence we are passionate about promoting safety. Our self defence training courses can be undertaken by both men and women alike, and are as affordable as they teach you essential ways to fend off any potential threat.
You certainly do not need to have any previously martial arts experience to undertake one of our self defence training courses. These self defence training courses are designed so that anyone can learn the most effective way to fend off any threat, and cover a number of important topics such as personal safety talk and safety in your daily life, assertiveness and victim mentality. Some of the other topics that our self defence training courses offer includes understanding the violent mind, how to handle aggression and the identification of potentially risky situations.
The range of self defence training courses that we offer at Premier Self Defence covers all situations where you may find yourself at threat. From corporate self defence training, courses for the general public to a variety of self defence training for individuals attending schools or colleges, here at Premier Self Defence we will surely provide you empower you with confidence and strength to go out into the world knowing that you can look after yourself.
If you’d like to find out more information about any of the self defence training that we offer, or to book your place on one of our courses, then you need only come and visit us online at:

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Self defence training  can help you gain confidence and allow you to protect yourself and at you can gain professional personal safety training . Visit us today for more information!

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For premier self defence training then contact Premier Self Defence

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For premier self defence training then contact Premier Self Defence

This article was published on 2012/03/04